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Hey team,

I wanted to share something with you that I was told yesterday and thought it was brilliant advice….“All we have to do is surrender and surround”.

Having patience, trusting the ‘process’ and having faith have been topics of many of my conversations of late. Knowing where it is you want to be, but not being there yet due to aspects that you are not in control of. I’m sure you have all experienced something in life that you can relate to that frustrating feeling of ‘waiting’. I understand that life is about the journey and not the destination 100%, but I also know the feeling all too well of working towards something and the finish line feeling like it is getting further and further away.

Someone shed light on how to overcome this ‘feeling’ and I wanted to share it with you.

The first step is to ‘surrender’ – trust that if you were not doing what you should be doing then you wouldn’t be there right now. Trusting that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this given moment and take comfort in the knowledge that no situation stays the same for long, and if you keep moving forward you will overcome what you are supposed to over come. Having trust and faith in the unknown is a scary thing. But when you do it, it is liberating. Try it.

The second step is to ‘surround’ – often when we are down and out or things are not going great we tend to shut down and shut off from others. Realise that no one who ever achieved anything great did it 100% on their own. We all need help and to be surrounded by others. It may not be what you feel like, but trust me, let others in and you will be on the track to feeling better in no time.

On to other things…I have had a great week in class and working hard on a few challenging auditions. As actors we are often required to go to a pretty dark place emotionally for auditions, the roles I went out for this week were all very heavy and I have felt exhausted. I love what I do, but the emotion can take its toll at times so I am treating myself to a junk food and TV night tonight…. all in moderation I say!

I’m interested to know your thoughts on the ‘surrender and surround’ idea.

Sending love,

Kimberley xx



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