Beginners Guide To Eyeliner

Whether you want to achieve flawless cat eyes, straight lines or the perfect flick. There are a few tricks you will need to know in order to create your desired makeup look!


  • For a smoother line use cream eyeliner. This product is usually applied with an eyeliner brush, which makes it the easiest to control.
  • If you are looking for a more dramatic and blurred effect, try pencil eyeliner. This eyeliner can easily be smudged using your finger.
  • For perfect precision, liquid eyeliner will do the trick. Use with caution as it won’t make it easy to cover mistakes.


Eyeliner should always be applied before mascara. Tilt your head and hold up your eyebrow while you apply your chosen product, this will allow your liner a smoother base to draw on.

Draw downwards and get as close to the lash line as possible, it is better to start off small. Keep on applying your eyeliner until you reach the desired thickness. Only apply eyeliner to your bottom lashes if you are applying to your upper lid.


To make your eyes appear wider, trace your waterline with a beige or white pencil liner. Cover your lid in a white liner before you apply eye shadow, this will also highlight your eye.


Use a tissue or a business card to help you stencil the outline of a triangle at the outer corner of your eye. Once you have drawn the outline, fill it in with liner and you will be left with the perfect flick.

Start by placing the tissue under your eye so that it aligns with your eyes outer corner and the outer tip of your eyebrow (Draw a line). Next you should place the tissue so that it aligns with the center of your iris, tilt upwards to create a retro wing.


Cut one side of a business card and use it as a ruler to keep your line clean and straight. This will also guard your lid from any liner mistakes and will help you to apply mascara!

Remember practice makes perfect.



Sophie Barker

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