Top 10 things I learnt while preparing to purchase a home thanks to you! 

Recently I started sharing my journey of wanting to at some point be a homeowner. At the moment  I live between two countries and have a career in the arts and I always thought because of my feast or famine lifestyle and unpredictability of work that being a homeowner would never be on the cards for me.

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But recently I have been doing a lot of work on goal setting and manifesting and rather than killing my ideas and dreams I have decided to really start to enjoy the dreaming process. I’ve started to learn all I can so I can set myself up for success and have a north star of home ownership to head towards. One of the key things I have learnt about goal setting and manifesting is to be specific and crystal clear on what it is exactly that you want.

I reached out on my social platforms and asked ‘what do you wish you knew before embarking on yourhomeownership journey’ and here are the Top 10 responses that came back:

1. Look around, don’t be set on one particular area and keep an open mind. 
2. Use a mortgage broker (this one came up a lot)

3. Be prepared for never ending maintenance if you are buying an older home 

4. Get a building report from a reputable builder

5. Make sure there is a decent school in the area (especially for re-sale)

6. Buy the worst house in the best street

7. Apartments are much less work

8. Have some money for appliances

9. Ideally have a living area that is north facing

10. Check out the neighbours next door and across the road

I have taken the first step and looked around some of the Fletcher Living communities based on the things I love. 

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Kimberley Crossman

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