Kimberley’s Blog: TVNZ OnDemand & I’m in Vegas

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Hey Team,

Earlier in the year I sat down with some of the biggest names in Hollywood thanks to TVNZ OnDemand. I was lucky because they shared with me some on and off screen secrets, who is a good liar and what the biggest challenges they have faced on and off set given their new found success. If you are a fan of Scandal, Greys Anatomy or maybe Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D check out some of my interviews with the casts on the links below.

I spent most of last weekend at Wondercon in Los Angeles. If you are a Power Rangers fan I would love to see you at Power Morphicon in August. It is always so cool to see so many fans and chat about our Samurai series. I’m currently in Vegas hosting the All Star Games – The unifying of the world aerial sports at Mandalay Bay. When I was younger I was a cheerleader in New Zealand so it will be really exciting to get back in the world and see some amazing athletes take the stage.

In light of Batman vs Superman we released episode one of BATS – our new web series my bestie Katie and I produced. Keep tracking it as we will be releasing our second episode CATS in a few weeks, where I get to play Catwoman!

Looking forward to checking in with you all after the weekend!

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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