Exercise: Top 5 work out tips from Personal Trainer Lloyd Andrews

As I am still trying to work on my fitness journey in life, I asked Kiwi personal trainer Lloyd Andrews to share with us his top 5 work out tips. Here is what Lloyd has to say:

I’ve always been a big believer in everything in moderation and making fitness a part of your life you enjoy rather than make it a chore.

Five tips I would suggest to anyone wanting to get fit and tone up

#1. I try and focus on compound movements this is a movement that contains two or more different joints to fully stimulate entire muscle groups

#2. As much as we all like to think champions are made in a gym, we are all only human and all want to feel more confident about ourselves and diet is a huge part of this, to look good feel good right. I would never instruct anyone to starve themselves to get the results they where after but simply eat smart eat clean the majority of the week and try reduce the blow outs, for me personally I keep high GI foods largely out of my diet, e.g: pasta white breads and replace it with oats, kumara or green veggies to get my carbs and keep my energy up.


#3. Keep mixing up your training to make it something different every time whether it’s in the gym, pool, indoors or out doors. There is no reason you can’t get a good work out where ever you go with minimal or no equipment, it could be picking up a new sport surfing or simply finding a new bush walk or trek to do each week with mates to break up you gym work.

Pull ups

#4. I know for me my best mates love to train, get active in and out of the gym, so I look forward to this time everyday, so I would suggest find like minded people and surround yourself with them or people with similar interests that may share a common goal to get fit, try make it a fun culture not a chore.

#5. Finally a quick little tip I use, especially coming into summer as we all want that beach bod right, I try to do something active before or after my meals throughout the day so my muscles burn the calories straight away, rather than store them.

So there you have it, five tips from Lloyd Andrews.

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  1. I’ll definitely keep #5 in mind because summer is just lurking around the corner and I want that beach bod SOOOOO much! I need every tip and trick I get to get there.