The art of bathing

The other day I found myself typing ‘how to bathe properly’ on Google. I am a grown ass adult at nearly 30 years old and yet I started questioning whether or not I knew how to do it * right *. 

Bathing or showering just seems like one of those mundane things we are programmed to just know how to do. Kinda like breathing. I can’t remember who taught me how to breathe yet I do it every single second of everyday, without prompting, without overthinking. I mean, I don’t know if I’m doing it right but the fact that I’m living and breathing and writing this right now is a testament to my knowledge of how to breathe. 

So, back to the art of bathing. I’ve taken it upon myself to conduct a thorough research on this subject and my findings have confirmed my suspicions: that bathing IS an art. That there is a great, efficient way to do it, an that there’s definitely some room for improvements in how I do it.  There are guides on the interwebs, there are even tutorials with a step-by-step. These are the top three tips for next level showers:

Get the temperature right – apparently the ideal temperature for the perfect shower is lukewarm water to start with and a blast of cold water for your final rinse. This will not only encourage blood flow throughout your body but give you an added energy boost (and if you’re anything like me – a quick wake up in the morning). 

Invest in great products – note that I said great, not expensive. What I mean by this is have products that you look forward to using. Soaps that make you happy. Shampoo that lathers well and make your hair shiny. Lotions with scents that linger on your skin long after your shower. These little touches really elevate your shower experience. Assuming that you shower regularly, who doesn’t want a better bathtime?

Dry your skin properly – turns out a great shower routine doesn’t end in the shower. Who knew? Drying your skin truly takes the experience to a thrilling conclusion. According to my research, applying moisturizer immediately after locks in the hydration on your skin and to be honest, who doesn’t want baby smooth skin? 

If you’re really interested in a step-by-step guide on bathing and showers, I highly recommend this piece from Healthline. I’ve learnt so much already and I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with showering but here I am. My last tip? Try lighting a candle and hanging some fresh eucalyptus by your showerhead – instant spa!