Vintage Shopping in LA – #notatourist

I have never been much of a vintage shopper but a lot of my friends in LA are and they LOVE it. They are well versed on where to find the hidden gems and with their approval I’m sharing them with you.

Yes, you can tick off the standard Victoria Secret and M.A.C trip but why not branch out and get something vintage while you are here; especially if that ‘something vintage’ has been in a movie.

1. 1950’s style vintage clothing – Polka Dots & Moonbeams

Lots of celebs come here to shop as it has a great selection. A little bit of shopping plus some potential celeb spotting sounds like a fun afternoon!

2. Clothing from Hollywood movie sets – It’s A wrap
That’s right! It’s A Wrap has actual clothing from Hollywood movie sets. They’ve been open since 1981 and have a huge selection of clothing from both film and television. You could also spot clothing on the walls worn by Drew Barrymore, Brad Pitt and Jim Carey…to name a few. There are two stores, one in Burbank and the other on S.Robertson Blvd.

3. Vintage fashion inspiration – Wasteland
If you are looking for a great selection and a few locations Wasteland is a perfect spot. Plus if you want a little style inspiration Wasteland could work….rumour has it designers Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood pop by for design inspiration.

4. Designer anyone? – Buffalo Exchange

One other vintage store that you should check out is Buffalo Exchange. If you love anything designer Buffalo Exchange is worth a look. There are stores in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks.

That’s it folks, my top four vintage stores. Remember to pack your Visa to take your travel money! As its money you can’t lose*, you can relax and travel like #notatourist. If you are looking for more travel inspo head here.




Kimberley Crossman

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