Kimberley’s Blog: Hashtaggers is live

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Hashtaggers is finally here! The show just launched on E!’s digital platforms and is already creating a bit of buzz. Watch here.

There are 9 short episodes with a celebrity guest in each one. I think my personal favourite episode is with Will Sasso. I would love to hear what you think about the show. Fingers crossed they pick it up for a second season.

I really was on a bit of a high from the show launch this week. It is a really good feeling when you work so hard on a project and it finally gets released. This project in particular I felt very invested in and continue to do so because of the people I worked with. It reminds me of camp, that feeling where you were all strangers and then after a few short weeks you feel like family and you don’t want to go home. I really had to step up my comedic chops for this role, I was challenged, inspired and got in trouble multiple times for laughing too much. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

If you caught this last weeks episode of Saturday Night Live with The 1975, Larry David and Bernie Sanders then you might want to check out our after show on AfterBuzz. We had so much fun discussing the show and dissecting some of the sketches. Watch here.

This week I’m spending a bit of time reading upcoming scripts for my auditions. I love reading scripts and picturing these worlds that writers create. I keep watching Jessica Jones as my way to break it up between scripts. The show is so amazing and addictive and doesn’t give me bad dreams like Making A Murder did ha ha.

Have a wonderful week team.

Sending love,
Kimberley xx



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