Kimberley’s blog – Animal Encounters in LA

Over the past couple of weeks I have visited some pretty amazing places in LA that are dedicated to helping animals.




Shambala Preserve – The Roar Foundation

I am a huge big cat fan and loved hearing about how the team at Shambala have been able to give some of these mistreated animals a forever home and nursed them back to good health. You can also adopt one of the cats which means you can visit on parents day. We adopted a Bobcat called Tahoe who was hit by a car and wouldn’t survive in the wild.

Hot Tip – Make sure you take a picnic and lots of water!

Acton California



Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

This was a pretty incredible experience. You get lot of time with each of the wolves and the team here are great about telling your stories about their personalities. You will get lots of wolf kisses!

Hot Tip – Take lots of water and be prepared for a bit of a drive to get out there. Have your camera ready and ask them to do a wolf howl!

Lucerne Valley


Crumbs and Whiskers – Cat Café in LA

This cat café is also an adoption center. What better way to have a coffee than surrounded by some sassy cats and kittens.




All of these places are affordable and fun and all proceeds are going to a great cause. I really admire people who dedicate their lives to helping these mistreated animals have a better quality of life.











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