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Hey team,

This week its GAME TIME – I have a few big auditions and meetings on the cards and could not be more amped. I was sent a great article about ‘grit’ and how it is a key ingredient in success. I would love to hear what you think about the article… read it here. I personally loved the part about keeping your emotions in check, focusing on details even when your mind is numb and how you will have to lead, even if no one follows.

I went to Arizona to the NFL Divisional play off game this past weekend to see the Packers take on the Cardinals. Not growing up with football in New Zealand I do feel that I have learnt a lot in the past year but I really am still a newbie to the game in general. Knowing some of the coaches behind the Packers team and seeing the dedication that goes in to professional sports is really inspiring. I love it and love how motivated they are and committed to a goal.

The game didn’t have the desired result for our team BUT we had such an amazing weekend and the atmosphere at the stadium and the intensity of the close game made it by far the coolest sporting experience I had ever encountered.

It was back in the AfterBuzz studio late last night to record the Saturday Night Live After Show – Watch here.

Looking forward to a focused and productive week ahead.

Love Kimberley xx



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