Starting a new life chapter? Read this!


It is possible to say goodbye to old habits and reinvent yourself in a day. This is the process, but before you start your new journey ask yourself these questions.


  1. Are you ready to leave the past behind?

This could mean a lot of things: leaving friendship behind, family, and old job, a home, moving to a new state or country. But the question is are you ready for this? Get the root of why you want this change.

  1. What have I learned from the old chapter?

Look at the wisdom you have obtained from your old experiences. Review those and make a vow to not bring your old habits into your next chapter.

  1. Do I have a support system?

You have all the strength yourself to move forward, but you will feel much stronger having a support system around you. Talk with your family and friends about your changes. Find someone who you can rely on and supports you decisions.

  1. Am I willing to sacrifice the current stability?

Starting a new chapter means getting out of your comfort zone. The excitement for change will be at the expense of your comfortability. I think thats something worth the aiming high for.

  1. How much will it cost me?

When we talk about idea and change, money can ruin the fun. But its so necessary for you to consider the financial aspect. If your not capable of affording them, the start saving till you feel capable and strong on your own feet.

  1. Will I make a real difference?

When you look at your story don’t focus on yourself. Instead think of everyone else around you. You will be happy with the new you and if the change makes others happy too. Contribution to something bigger than you will give you a whole new perspective on life.


  1. Now what?

Before taking any steps into your new future, you will need a plan. Each decision you make will effect your future. How do you envision yourself 10 years from now? Take that vision and start taking steps. Life has a way of always pushing us out of or comfort zones, so be prepared for when it comes.