NZ Fashion Week 2017 Highlights (Part 1)

Now that we’ve recovered from the craziness that was New Zealand Fashion Week, it’s time to round up some of our highlights of the jam-packed week.

NZ Weddings Magazine Show
Easily one of the most beautiful shows of the week – this year’s show featured an array of glamorous dresses and smart menswear. Anna Schimmel, Alma Wong Couture, Vinka Design, Daisy Hera Couture, Margaret Wray, Working Style, Jessica Bridal, Barkers and Modes all wowed with spectacular pieces.

A definite highlight of the showcase had NZ designer Trish Peng completely outdoing herself for this years show (after making world headlines for her NZ record breaking 20 metre silk train) – using $20,000 of fresh flowers to create the masterpiece that took everyone’s breath away. The spectacle reportedly is fresh for up to three days (out of water) which entailed Trish putting together the masterpiece the evening prior to the show, taking over five hours to finish. The delicate piece, featuring an off-the-shoulder look is the kind of dress that dreams are made of!

One of my all time favourite NZ designers’ 2017 NZFW show did not disappoint. Federation showcased a fresh lot of their epic threads for the upcoming seasons complete with tiger jumpers, slogan leggings, coats, skirts and sports bras in the ladies range. Their menswear collection is just as epic with skinny jeans, hoodies, coats and smart shirts making an appearance.

I need to get their ‘Gentle Savages’ hoodies and satin bombers in my wardrobe stat! Kiwi musician, Kings bought the show to a close, which is always a plus in my books. You’ll easily want to pick up a couple (if not many) of Federation fresh new threads when they drop.

Kathryn Wilson
It’s no secret that Kathryn’s got some of the best shoes in the biz. Being a fellow shoe lover (I mean who isn’t?!) I was excited to see her new creations for the upcoming seasons. I’m a big fan of flat shoes – nice sneakers in particular, so I very quickly had my eye on her new range – the pink ones are my favourite with the white and gold studs in a close second. The new beautiful collection featured block coloured chunky heels, winter boots, pastel heels, classy stilettos and patterned sneakers. I’m serious when I say you’ll want them all!

The Graduate Show
Every year, the Graduate Show features a chosen group of students from Otago University, AUT University, Massey University and NZ Fashion Tech.

Brother Design Stars is also part of this extravaganza, which provides an opportunity for high school students to submit a garment. 16-year-old Christchurch student, Jane Boyle took out this year’s Supreme Award for her amazing red tassel coat paired with a retro-style yellow and pink dress.

AUT University was represented by graduates, Tia Feng was all about the frills (love a easily wearable tutu dress), Thanushi Marage’s out to change the backpack game and Notoa showcased modern unisex pieces catered for urban youth.

NZ Fashion Tech’s Jordan Noah showcased lots of ruffles and nots, while fellow graduate Olli Paroli seemed to have a signature mark – a big eye on some of his garments.

Shannen Young boasted bold patterns and unique pieces, followed by Tess Norquay’s stand out designs and accessories that put her on the map. Concluding the Massey University group, Yoshino Maruyama’s Japanese influenced showed in the mixed coloured silk.

Rounding up the show, Otago University graduate Kimberly Olivia’s ready-to-wear patterned coats and use of pastel colours in the garments are an easy move into your wardrobe. As ‘Pretty Woman’ begun blaring through the venue speakers, out popped Laura Marris’ collection – floral galore! I do love Pom Pom’s – so the earrings and jackets were winners. Letitia Powell wrapped the showcase with a jumpsuits, jackets and a brilliant sheer long turtle neck dress.