Kimberley’s Blog: SXSW & Fantasy Life

Hey team,

It has been such an exciting whirlwind over the past two weeks.

Texas exceeded my expectations and the festival, SXSW was an absolute blast. Deathgasm got rave reviews from both critics and the public. It was named the number 1 horror film for the festival and I could not be happier with the positive response.

We really got involved in all Austin had to offer, including BBQ, long horned cows, four wheelers, hikes and the festival itself.

Now back in LA I have been head down preparing to shoot my first US pilot next week. We now have a full cast and are busy doing table reads and wardrobe fittings all this week. I have had so many ‘pinch myself’ moments in the past few days. I feel incredibly blessed to be working alongside so many talented people.

I hope you are all having a great week and looking forward to updating you more next week.

Kimberley xx



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