Kimberley’s Blog: The week that was….

Hey team,

What a great week it has been. I have been shooting Fantasy Life this week on the FOX lot and home to so many amazing shows including New Girl which shoots just a few stages away.

The week has felt almost like a dream with the days running in to each other and experiencing so many new experiences and meeting so many new people that it is not till now, looking back, that I reflect on what a ride it has been. A great ride. We are only half way through shooting and I’m loving every minute of it. Being able to go to set each day and work with people I admire, respect and have already learnt so much from and I get to work along side them, that is a pretty surreal feeling.

Getting outdoors has been a priority this week and I managed to get out on a few beautiful hikes before shooting. LA has a few hidden gems that are not overly populated and I love discovering them. I also am secretly hoping to run in to a snake to get a cool picture ha ha.

All in all a busy and exciting time here in LA and trying my best to stay happy and healthy and getting enough sleep so I am able to do my best on set in the next few days.

Have a great week.

Kimberley xx



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