Kimberley’s Blog: Interesting week in LA

Hey team,

I have had an interesting start to the week, good, but interesting.

I had one of my first auditions as a really dark character, an unsuspecting sociopath to be specific, for a very interesting film. It was a challenge for me but one I was excited to tackle. I really like being handed challenging roles and having to work hard at playing a convincing, interesting and different character. I got great feedback in the room, saying I hit the nail on the head so that is pretty cool.

The charity I work with, the For Everyone Charitable Foundation is doing something really cool this month and I wanted to share it with you all. They are encouraging you to nominate someone in your community who is a good sort and who deserves a big THANK YOU. It could be a coach, a teacher, a friend or just someone who you think deserves to be made to feel special. Make sure you head over to the For Everyone Charitable Foundation Facebook page and enter your nomination.

Tonight is the final episode of Cadbury Dream Factory on TV 3 at 7:30pm and trust me, it’s a goodie! I have loved hearing all of your positive feedback from the show and honestly I feel so blessed to have been part of such a positive and uplifting project.

Have a great rest of the week team.

Kimberley xx



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