Hair: 3 Hot Winter Hairstyles!

As the days are getting colder you may find yourself wanting a wardrobe more suited to the wintry weather. But, it’s not just your clothes that may be in need of a makeover, have a look at our 3 favourite hairstyles for the cold months ahead!


This style is suited for those of you with longer locks. It’s perfect for almost every occasion as it has the ability to tone down an outfit or propel it into another universe.

Mermaid waves create effortless glamour; all you need to create this look is some texurising/volume spray, a straightener or curler. You can also achieve mermaid waves by creating two thick braids before bed!


The low ponytail never seems to go out of fashion. Sleek and simple, this sophisticated style always seems to be on trend. To re-create this look you will need hairspray and an anti-frizz product.

  1. After washing, smooth your towel-hair with some anti-frizz product
  2. Once dry, gather and tie your tresses so that they are secured at the nape of your neck.
  3. Straighten or curl the ponytail and spritz with hairspray. Voila, easy!


This gorgeous hairstyle is extremely simple, casual and chic. Perfect for someone who is always in a hurry, all you need to do is place your hair in your go to updo style and spritz texturising spray (A high bun or ponytail is ideal).

Loosen your hair tie and carefully pull at the strands of hair. This style creates volume that helps to flatter and define your gorgeous face.



Sophie Barker

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