Kimberley’s Blog: Class and Jason Derulo

Hey team,

Hope your week has been going well and you are getting excited for the Easter break.

I had a great class on Monday night that really has kept me on a high most of the week. We were working on great content and I chose a scene from House of Cards, which is definitely my favourite show at the moment! Our coach really pushed us and I think I had one of those break through moments where I was able to learn a lot about where I am at with my acting and the areas I need to work on. Anger being the hardest emotion for me, I don’t have a lot of anger, nor do I know how to voice it so that is something I have to explore.

I have also been a little social butterfly, spending time with the amazing Jamie McDell in LA. I love Jamie so much, she is so beautiful inside and out and I have always been such a big fan of her music. It was nice to see her and to roam the streets eating ice-cream and laughing.

I was also lucky enough to be invited to the album release party for Jason Derulo’s new album at the iHeart Radio theatre in LA. He puts on such a great show. It amazes me when someone can dance a full out routine and sing and sound pitch perfect too. If you get a chance to see his show in NZ next week you really should head along.

Happy Easter to you all. I hope you all get to spend time with people you love and enjoy a break.

Lots of love,




Sophie Barker

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