Fashion: Enhance your eyes with style

We all know that the intensity of your eye colour depends on your skin tone, hair and makeup. Fortunately, there is another way you can make your gorgeous eyes appear bolder and brighter.

Here are a few ideas to make your pretty peepers pop!

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes your best colours will be: Corals, Purple, Deep Greens and Pastel and Pale Yellows.

A mossy green dress will help you make a statement on your next night out! For a casual daytime ensemble wear a sweet coral number.

Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, the following colours will look extremely flattering on you: Classic Neutrals, Pink Shades, Deep Blues and Light Greens.

Taupe or grey will make for a chic daytime look. For a bold evening ensemble wear a fuchsia dress!

Hazel Eyes

The following colours will compliment your lovely eyes: Dark Neutrals, Lavender, Orange and Burgundy.

Lavender garments will be your perfect choice for a classic daytime ensemble and a charcoal dress will keep you looking hot all night long!

Brown Eyes

And finally, brown eyes. Think…. Khaki greens, Soft pinks, Rich blue hues and golds will look fantastic with your brown eyes!

Dark and electric blue garments are a great choice for the daytime and soft pinks will be ideal for an evening out!



Sophie Barker

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