How To Find Your Personal Style

Personal style is – you guessed it – quite personal. So ahead of the next round of fashion weeks happening around the world (our very own NZ one kicks off next week!), I want to take sometime to dig deeper into personal style. Besides, spring is coming up and we’re going to start our spring clean soon, packing away winter clothes and welcoming lighter seasons ahead. So really, there’s never been a better time for this style talk!

There are so many articles out there talking about how to find your personal style that it can get overwhelming. The key word being ‘personal’.  I’ve always loved fashion and dressing up and expressing myself through clothes. But what I like isn’t necessarily what magazines say are ‘cool’ or the latest trendy items. Style means more to me than that.

So here are some of our top tips! By all means, take it seriously. But also don’t take it too seriously, you know? It’s just style, after all. It’s constantly changing as we’re not stagnant human beings. But these tips are universal so consider them your guiding light:

  1. Figure out what you like. Take notes when you see someone wearing a really cool outfit. If you’re feeling particularly brave, ask where they got it from.  Not only will you make their day by complimenting what they’re wearing, you also have a better chance of finding a similar piece for yourself. Get some inspiration! Start a Pinterest board, look around Tumblr, browse blogs and magazines. I find inspiration from people walking around the train station when I’m heading to work. Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest source at times but you have to be actively looking for it!
  2. Think about the best day of your life so far – where were you and what we’re you wearing? Personal style to me is so emotive and directly related to feelings. I find that when I feel good about what I’m wearing, I’m more likely to have a great day and feel inspired to #livemybestlife.
  3. Okay so you’ve reflected on your best day and what your outfit was… Now it’s time to think about a future scenario where you bump into an ex/cool kids in school/former crush in the street. Again, what are you wearing? Chances are you’ll be wearing your finest threads in this fantasy. So what do you envision yourself wearing in this totally hypothetical scenario? A few weeks ago I bumped into an ex while walking down a busy street with my friends and it felt like something straight out of a movie. Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion and after he left, the first thing I said to my friends was “thank goodness I’m looking my best today!” The outfit? A simple white button up and jeggings. Yes, jeggings.
  4. Experiment! How are you ever going to know what your style is if you don’t try it on? Try as much items as you can! Pair it with the most outlandish things you can think of. Try different pieces together. Mix prints, clash colours, wear something monochrome. Mismatch the bag and shoes. Layer jewelry pieces together. Shop everywhere! I go to op shops, score Trade Me, look at high-end pieces and shops in the mall for clothes. I don’t restrict myself to a brand or a section. One of my favourite pieces is a men’s shirt that I got in Kmart for a good price. Score! Once you find a look that feels very you, take a photo for reference. Also take it from a messy person like me – finding your personal style is so much more fun when your wardrobe is tidy and you can see everything you’re working with.
  5. Confidence is key. So we’re down to the last point and I really tried to avoid clichés up until now. Sorry, there’s no escaping this one! Look, you could wear the most ill-fitting potato sack out there but if you wear it with confidence chances are people will soon start wearing potato sacks too. When I look at my personal style muses, I find that confidence is the one quality that they all have in common. It’s what makes an outfit work. Confidence is the reason why I wear jeggings with a super oversized shirt and feel great after a run-in with an ex. So please own your style and be confident!

All these tips are well and good, but all that really matters is whether or not you feel great in it. Not dressing for your shape/colour/size or whatever standards other people have imposed on us. You like it? Good. Wear it with confidence. Wear it because you love it. Wear it because you feel amazing in it. Wear it with a smile and a bit of swagger. Go forth and be fabulous, dahlng.  The world is your runway!