How To: Blow-Dry Your Hair Like A Pro!

We all love the feeling of freshly styled hair, but when we leave the salon and try to recreate the style at home it often ends up looking pretty messy.

Here we reveal the secrets to doing a perfect blow out at home.


    After washing your hair make sure you towel dry it as much as possible and brush through with a comb. This is guaranteed to get the most out of the products that you use.

    Don’t use too much product though as this can weigh your hair down and leave it looking pretty greasy. Argan oil and volumizing spray will work wonders if used correctly.


    Add the volumizing spray to your roots and argan oil to your ends for heat protection. Never blow-dry all your hair at once. Always divide your hair into two or three sections.

    Part from the corner of your brow across the crown of your head in a semi-circle. For the next section (If required), go from ear to ear and below.


    Start by blow-drying the bottom sections in unison with a round brush, when you reach the top start from the flat part of the crown of your head and work your way up to the hairline.

    If you are like me and want the top section to have the most volume, be sure you dry it in an upward motion. After drying your hair, combine each section, as this will blend the hair together to create a natural shape.


    Always have a nozzle attached to your blow dryer. This will allow you complete control over the direction you want your hair to go; it also helps to prevent split ends.

    Roll each top section back up into your brush and blow with cool air; twist your hair in the brush very gently (without pulling too much) to give it a little curl.

Now you should be left with silky, voluminous and salon ready hair!



Sophie Barker

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