Fashion: The Beauty of Online Shopping

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Online shopping has become something that I indulge in a little too often, and for good reason I must add, who doesn’t like to stay in the comforts of home and Google anything from underwear to ball gowns.

I am one of those people who go onto Victoria’s Secret website, add everything that I want into a bag, and convince myself that I am going to go through and eliminate my least favourite items. At the end, I often come to the checkout counter, with over $1000 worth of bras and undies (how, I don’t know) and then convince myself that everything in the basket is absolutely necessary, ending up with me closing my laptop, getting zilch.

I realise now that this is a very counteractive way to shop, however, I must stress the perks that come with online shopping, and how we can make the most of it.


  • Do not fill up your bag and say that you will eliminate some items at the end, it just doesn’t work. You end up attaching yourself to items and convincing yourself that they are needed. It is better to add items to your bag once you have deliberated, and come to a decision.
  • Make sure you know the customs duty rates before you buy. I have been hit several times with a heavy duty fee that just about adds up to the cost of the items. You can check this on
  • If you are going to buy a substantial amount of goods, for example off ASOS, it can be more beneficial to buy them in $150 loads paying the extra for shipping as this can be less then the tax fee.
  • Always make sure that the shop of company that you are dealing with has tracking on your items. I bought a beautiful and quite expensive faux fur jacket from an Australian brand, only to be told that it has been lost in the mail and they did not have tracking. Of course I was eligible to get my money back, but this didn’t resolve the disappointment of not receiving it.
  • Use online shopping as a tool to buy items cheaper then you can get in NZ. I often go into shops, check the brand and price and then see if I can source it online for cheaper. You will be surprise with how often it is, and it can really make a difference to the bank account!
  • Lastly, make sure that any site that you are dealing with is safe, whether in New Zealand or overseas. You can do this by looking up the pay systems, for example PayPal. Scams do happen more often then you think.

I love the fact that online shopping has widened our ability to create a unique sense of style, we have access to just about anything without travelling, making the options endless and exciting.