November Faves

Happy November! The countdown to the holiday season and summer is officially on!

This month we check out Little Mix’s new music, Lady Gaga’s starring role and the new travel desecration on our map, thanks to Love Island.

Music: Little Mix
British four-piece Little Mix are back with the first single off their much-anticipated upcoming record, LM5due for release this month. The girls have always mentioned they’d love to collaborate with Nicki Minaj so when anthem Woman Like Medropped with Nicki as the featured artist, it was worth the wait! The girls said, “our new single is all about celebrating incredible women in every shape and form.”Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Travel: Majorca
Did anyone else start religiously watching Love Island(UK) this year? Yeah, me too. I don’t know how I missed the reality TV fix until this year, but I’m all caught up (Season 4 is the best IMO!) The picturesque villa is situated in Majorca and has put the place on my map/list. Just look at that view from one of the couple’s dates! Majorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands which is part of Spain, so another spot in the Europe area has made it on our ever-growing list!

Book: Lily Allen – My Thoughts Exactly
Ahead of her upcoming tour (where she will visit NZ shores next year) songstress Lily Allen has jotted down everything in, My Thoughts Exactly. The bio says it all, “I’m strong. I can be tough. I’ve been broken. I’m opinionated. I’m a people-pleaser. I contradict myself. I try to do good. I want to do good. I’m observant. Most importantly, I tell the truth.”Personally I’m sold!

Film: A Star is Born
Bradley Cooper makes his directorial debut with Lady Gaga at the helm with the 2018 version of A Star is Born. The film has had a lot of hype overseas since it has two megastars in their own rights in the starring roles. After seeing it, I can confirm that Lady Gaga’s vocals are seriously out-of-this-world and yes, Bradley Cooper can definitely sing. Gaga’s chops have to be seen (and heard!) in the flick, A Star is Bornis out in cinemas now.

Playlist: A couple of tunes that are on rotation at the moment!
* 1999 – Charli XCX & Troye Sivan
* Character Flaws – Openside
* In My Head – Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino
* Lost in Japan (Remix) – Shawn Mendes & Zedd
* The Heights – Thomston
* Woman Like Me – Little Mix ft. Nicki Minaj
* Kiss and Make Up – Dua Lipa & Blackpink


“You are powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave.”