Kimberley’s Blog: Rihanna this weekend

Hey team,

I have had such a great week. I think I have become slightly nocturnal too which I never would have thought. I have been in LA till 1 or 2am the past few nights from being in class, dancing and hanging out with friends which has been so fun but I am definitely not used to being out so late. Tonight I am looking forward to chilling on the couch and catching up on reading and sleep!

The highlight of the past few days would have to be dancing! We learnt a new dance and filmed it so you will all be able to see it next week – super excited to share it with you.

Many of our discussions with friends this week has been based around not wanting to be alone, or feeling alone. For sure we all need space and alone time but if we are alone for too long we tend to feel uncomfortable and sometimes crazy. I personally believe that humans are social beings and need to have company most of the time. Even if it is just the safety and comfort of knowing someone is in the room next door or downstairs I feel at ease and much calmer in my soul.

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We concluded that it’s important to have space but also to surround yourself with people especially if you are feeling low. People can pick you up and give you energy. If you are having a bad day or bad moment, find a friend or go for a walk.

I’m off to see Rihanna this weekend. I saw her live at Vector Arena in Auckland back in 2010 so really looking forward to seeing her again!

What have you got planned?

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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