Beauty: How to Blush

There is something about Blusher that scares us; I think it’s the stigma that it carries…people automatically think “80s/grandma/clown” when blush is mentioned which is completely inaccurate.

I only started using blusher when I was in my early 20s and I haven’t looked back since. Blusher brightens the face plus gives you a healthy and glowing look.

All you need is a basic blusher brush and your favourite shade of blush. Which skin tone suits which blusher shade?

  • Porcelain = Apricot (Gwen Stefani)
  • Ivory = Pale pink (Rachel McAdams)
  • Beige = Amber (Kim Kardashian)
  • Tawny = Rose (Rihanna)
  • Almond = Fuchsia (Kelly Rowland)

My favourite shade at the moment is Smashbox – Long Wear Halo Blush – In Bloom.

It’s a bright pink shade that’s longwearing and features the signature grinder that shaves off the perfect amount of blush each time!

Retails for $48.00, just head to your local Smashbox counter to purchase.


  1. Dip your brush into the blusher and load it up.
  2. Tap the brush on your wrist so the excess product falls off.
  3. To find the apples of your cheeks all you need to do is SMILE.
  4. Sweep over the apple and up along the cheekbones until the end of your cheek, use swirling motions.
  5. Finish with some highlighting powder.

If you think you’ve used too much then get a clean, large powder brush and sweep over the top of the blush to blend.



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