Kimberley’s Blog: Off to Cirque I go

Hey team,

What an action packed week it has been. I hope you all made the most of the long weekend? I was filming in Christchurch all weekend and absolutely loved it.

Admittedly we were working pretty hard and with the crazy wind, we encountered a few delays but we had a great team and met a bunch of amazing people. I also attended my first ever stock car event and I even got to see a little more of Christchurch which was nice.

Looking forward to Halloween tomorrow, make sure you pre-order the Auckland Daze #Endofdaze episode it will be available for download on Halloween!

Tonight I am off to the Cirque show here in Auckland. I have always wanted to join the circus and have made a few friends who are part of the company over the past few years so looking forward to catching up with them and seeing them perform tonight. They are all so incredibly talented and inspiring. If you get a chance to see the show while it is in town I recommend you do, you will not be disappointed.


Heading back to Christchurch this weekend for filming – what are your plans?


Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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