Fun with nails and Kristina Webb

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of catching up with and doing the nails for the lovely Kristina Webb, for those of you who don’t know Kristina, she is a New Zealand teenager with an incredible talent! Her talent is ART … Kristina has a massive social media following and has become world renown as an artist extraordinaire. Check out below a small selection of her most incredible drawings! The first picture you will see, is the collaboration we came up with featuring the nails I did for Kristina and the art she designed to match the nails!!

Keep your eyes open on our Instagram accounts @NailsByLeah & @colour_me_creative as we will be doing many more amazing nail/art collaborations and who knows maybe you guys will be able to help us come up with some ideas for our next projects!



To see more of Kristina’s incredible art go and check out her website.

– Leah Light



Sophie Barker

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