Kimberley’s Blog: New project time in NZ

Hey team,

What a week it has been back in Auckland and I have hit the ground running. I am back in town to work on a couple of new projects for about a month, which is very exciting!

I caught up with my two favourite trouble makers Jono and Ben to chat about their new show, and things got a little weird, check it out:

The highlight of the week would have to be standing front and center at the iHeart Radio Ed Sheeran concert in Auckland. I am a huge fan of Ed’s and to see him perform literally only a few meters away from us was pretty epic. He is so talented. To be able to entertain thousands of people with just a guitar and a loop peddle for over an hour and have them wanting more is something not all artists can do. Every one there was in awe of him. He sounded great, had us all on our feet and premiered some of his brand new tracks from his upcoming album, which all sounded great.

I have run away with my Mum and sister to our beach house for two nights to spend some quality time together and learn my lines before I am busy working every day.

Sending lots of love to you all, have a great weekend.

Love Kimberley x



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