Kimberley’s Blog: A week of tests

Hey team,

Hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead.

I wanted to share this video Ellen posted of her journey leading up to and during her hosting of the Oscar’s, so good!

I have had a bit of a mixture of a week to be honest, a few highs and lows. I felt like I had a few days of feeling like I was being tested. I am sure you can relate, those types of days where nothing goes right and you feel like just as you find your feet you take another knock. However after taking a few deep breaths and a good night’s sleep, I am back on track.

It made me think how some weeks you can feel on top of the world and then a day later you can feel the complete opposite. When you start to question everything and who you are. I’ve found that if I ever feel like that I first of all acknowledge the feeling and why it might be happening, then try to switch my mind set to one of gratitude, listing the things I am grateful for in my life, then I make a plan moving forward, because that is all you can do, keep pressing forward. Knowing who you are is key in this; always know who you are and what you stand for.

I had two great classes this week, we are writing our own material and focusing on comedy, which I am really enjoying. Learning to ‘find what makes you funny’ was an interesting homework exercise. So this week I have to watch lots of comedy shows and note down what I laugh at. Pretty awesome homework if you ask me!

What shows are you loving at the moment or can recommend for me to watch?

Lots of love

Kimberley xx



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