Kimberley’s Blog: Nebraska & Patience

Hey team,

I hope you are having a great week so far.

I was lucky enough to spend part of the week in Nebraska. I named this year #yearofadventure encouraging myself to say YES to opportunities and really experience lots of different places and environments as possible. Nebraska was great! I helped with an Easter Egg hunt for a few thousand children. It was insane and awesome ha ha. The highlight was definitely the Nebraska Zoo, apparently it is one of the top Zoo’s in the world and I would agree.

I have had a few days in LA auditioning, class and filming with Kerry Rhodes’ instagram series (coming soon) and I’m heading off to Texas tomorrow with Katie to see the Moto GP. I have become quite the motorbike fan since Sons Of Anarchy and seeing the race bikes this weekend is something I have been excited about for a really long time!

The biggest lesson I have learnt this week has been ‘trusting the timing of your life’ – I am not a very patient person and often find myself getting frustrated when I don’t get the ‘result’ I’m after if I have put lots of hard work and persistence in to something. These past few weeks have shown me that everything really does happen exactly how it is supposed to and when it is supposed to happen. So moving forward I am going to try and give over to that and really just have a little more faith in the timing of things. Still work exceptionally hard and always strive for my best but also have unwavering faith that when the timing is right, the pieces of the puzzle will fall in to place. Do you agree?

Have a great weekend team.

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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