Kimberley’s Blog: That’s a wrap…for now!

Hey team,

Happy Easter team! I hope you all are taking some time to spend with family and friends this weekend!

This past week has been somewhat of a dream. Working on my first pilot for FOX, Fantasy Life. I had to pinch myself as we drove to our lot on a gold cart as I vividly remember having that as a dream when I was younger.

Filming is all wrapped up and now we wait till May to find out if the show will get picked up to go to series. Fingers crossed.

The main topic of conversation in my group this week has been about ‘moving up a level’ and how we can be proactive to ‘move up a level’ in life. I am a big believer in what you put out to the universe, you will get back. We decided as a group it was time to invite change and challenge and try to advance to the next level by actively seeking out mentors, new projects or opportunities that would graduate us from our current state. I encourage you to do the same. This Easter weekend take a moment to re-evaluate where you are at and if there is an area of complacency or contentment that you feel you could challenge – do it!

Love you all.

Kimberley xx



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