Kimberley’s Blog: Inspired & Wango Tango

Hey team,

How has your week been? Feel enlightened after a great rehearsal today for our class project and after watching some great inspirational videos online.

Trying to really give my creativity as much attention as possible at the moment, diving in to a bunch of projects that are challenging and exciting. To help spark motivation, I took Hamish on the lot tour of Universal Studios. I have to say the highlight is still the animal actor show – they blow my mind … so obedient ha ha. A must see if you make the trip.

If you missed out on seeing the episode of The Erin Simpson Show where we take you behind the scenes of Revenge, you can check watch it now.

I’m off to Wango Tango on Saturday, super excited to see Britney!

What are your plans?

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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