Kimberley’s Blog: Not long till Hashtaggers

A few days to go until Hashtaggers launches on E! and a New Zealand date shouldn’t be too far away. Watch a little clip from the show.

Katie and I spent last weekend in Huntington Beach to work on some of our script ideas and to play with her sisters new puppy. I will confess we spent most of the time playing with the puppy rather than doing anything overly productive. It was really refreshing being by the beach. I have been feeling a little unsettled the past few weeks just getting back in the LA routine and giving over to the fact that not everything will work out in my desired timing. Trying to calm my busy brain proves to be a bit of a challenge at times but being by the beach really helps re-set me and give me clarity. We launched a couple of our Twenty- Something’s videos we shot last year for Happy Wife Inc. Watch here.

Over the last few days I’ve been doing some press for Hashtaggers, working on auditions, writing for a new project launching later in the year and tomorrow it’s the Super Bowl – always a great time in America.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend team.

Oh and Kiwis, have fun this Waitangi weekend.

Kimberley xx



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