Kimberley’s Blog: Great week in LA!

Hey team,

It has been a great week so far here in LA. I have been busy reading scripts and preparing for auditions.

I had a big audition on Tuesday which I feel really good about. I left the casting office with a spring in my step knowing I gave my very best performance. A great feeling to have when leaving an audition.

I have been busy working on a few different creative projects too. Coming up with series ideas and sketch ideas that I am working on with Katie. I feel like I am wearing my creative hat quite a bit at the moment and loving it.

I have just got back home from a long walk along the beach, sounds romantic hehe and getting settled in to learn an audition. Thought I would check in and see how your week was going and what you have planned for the weekend?! Comment below team.


Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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