Kimberley’s Blog: Great week in LA!

Hey team,

How has your week been?

I have been a busy little bee auditioning here in LA. I’m loving it. Have had a few freak out moments when I have been told about an audition that is happening in only a few hours time, which does not allow for lots of time to prepare, but I feel I have been able to step up and do my best in each audition room!

I took some time out last night to join Sammy and some of her amazing friends and learn a dance to Jump by Rihanna, it was so much fun. Will post the video next week so you can have a look.

I caught up with the very talented Lincoln Lewis who has just arrived here in LA. It’s a very exciting time to be an actor and actress in LA at the moment, lots of great opportunities to showcase your talent in front of a variety of people.


Hope you are all having a great week and are feeling motivated and inspired!


Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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