Kimberley’s Blog: All go in LA

Hey team,

Happy start to the week! I’m back in LA and it has been all go since I landed last week. The perfect mix of hard work and socialising!

I have started back in acting class and comedy school. Loving it! Already feel like I have learnt so much in my first week. I have been writing some more dramatic content for #theassignment2.0 which has been a good challenge.

Auditions have been fun this past week, going out for roles on films, new shows and one show in particular keeps bringing me in to read which is promising.

A few friends of mine hosted a red carpet charity event for Generosity Water, where they raised enough money to build 42 wells in third world countries to provide clean water to over 22,000 people. It was such an honour to attend and see money going to such a good cause. It was also a really nice welcome back to the city, a beautiful event and a chance to catch up with all of my friends who I miss so much when I am away.

I ended the week with a trip downtown where they screen old movies in the park. A group of us all took blankets and food and watched E.T. on the big screen. It was such a fun evening and a cool idea to bring people together.

The week ahead will be filled with lots of classes and lots of homework #upskill

Sending you all love,

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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