Eye Shadow Series: Green Eyes

Drew Barrymore, Adele and Leona Lewis are some of our favourite Green-Eyed beauties. Green is the rarest eye colour in the world…only two percent of people have them, so if you were blessed with this colour eye make sure you flaunt it!

To really accentuate the green colour try using eye shadows that have a purple, dark brown or rust-red hue, as these will make your eyes stand out even more.

  1. Add the lightest purple shadow you can find on the lid, this will usually be a subtle lilac colour.
  2. Brush a brighter violet eye shadow on the lid and place it in line with the iris. Blend this together with the lilac colour you have used.
  3. Place a deep plum colour in the crease and blend slightly upward.
  4. Finish the look off by adding the lilac shadow as an under eyeliner. Choose a highlight colour (Cream or White), and place through the brown bone. You can even add a bit of highlight into the inner corners of your eye.

TIP: Green Eyes look even better when partnered with a bold red lip.




Sophie Barker

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