Kimberley’s Blog: Season of change

Hey team,

First full week back in LA and the season of change is upon me. I love change, yes it is tough at times but change always leads to growth. Still recovering from being sick my energy has been a bit low and adding to the unsettled feeling I have had.

Recently I have had a bit of a hard time with change because it has been not only one element, but many that have completely flipped leaving me feel a bit overwhelmed and not knowing where to even begin to move forward even with simple tasks. The only answer is to just start. So this week, I started. A new house, a new job and a new fire under my butt which is exciting and scary but I begin this new chapter with a promise to myself to not allow toxic people around me. I have the power to not let someone ruin my day and that there are things that I can’t control and finding peace with that.

One of the highlights of the week was spending time in Huntington Beach at the US Open. I love the surf culture and all that it represents. It was good therapy being by the beach in the sunshine and watching some of the world’s best athletes kill it on the waves for the thousands of excited spectators.

I caught up with Matty from TVNZ to chat about a few of my new roles on Kevin From Work and Young and Hungry which will be available for you all to see in a few weeks!

This week my advice to you all is to have that spring clean of your life. Really look at what is serving you and what isn’t and decide to put an end to things that are not propelling you forward. Lets be excited by change and growth and make the rest of 2015 more fun, exciting, passionate and adventurous.

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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