Hair: Red Is Back

So, maybe you are a light brown but not interested in going blonde. Or perhaps you are a dark blonde but think becoming a brunette will make you look washed out. Why not try something in between – something a little daring, even?

Why not go red this summer?

It seems that from auburn to strawberry blonde, this is the season of the redheads.

Here at we have been observing this undercover trend, and think we have figured out who would suit it best… here is our checklist.

  • Pale features. Red locks look fabulous contrasted against porcelain skin, whilst at the same time adding a bit of colour.
  • Blue or green eyes. Red hair makes them POP.
  • Keeping it natural… okay, so if you are dying your hair then obviously that isn’t your natural colour. But make sure you dye it a natural hue, not a fire engine metallic red!

Think you are ready for a change? My advice would be to get it done professionally at your salon, or at the very least book a consultation to discuss the idea with your hairdresser!

If you want to research it further, some of our fave redhead celebs include Kate Walsh (Addison from Private Practise), Scarlett Johannson and Julia Roberts.



Jess O'Connor

A self-described ‘creative bookworm with an overactive imagination’, Jess is a freelance writer based in Auckland. She loves reading, writing, travelling, cooking and lazy days at the beach.