Ban Bad Hair Days

It is hard to maintain perfect hair throughout the day…Or is it? We’ve found some easy techniques for you to try.


When your hair is dry the flyaways will begin to stray. Invest in a conditioning spray, spritz onto your tresses and it will de-frizz in next to no time!


Pesky kinks often appear a short while after you have straightened your hair to perfection. There is no easy solution but there is a way to blend the kink in with the rest of your hair. Part your locks into two sections, starting with your preferred parting, next twirl each section backwards and place in a bun or ponytail for ten minutes. When you take your hair out it should fall into a pretty and natural wave, whilst still remaining sleek and smooth.


Fine hair is surprisingly often a struggle to control, as it’s prone to tangle and can appear flat. To add a bit of volume invest in a texturizing spray. Disperse the product throughout your hair but focus the most on your roots.


To increase your curl’s lifespan, it is important that you set them in your preferred style as they cool. Curl and style your hair and spritz with a light hair spray. Just like the above trick for kinks, separate your hair into sections and twist away from your face, when you are ready to go out let your hair down and shake it out. To really set the look feel free to spray with another layer of product.



Sophie Barker

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