What’s In Your Handbag: Ruby Frost

This month, thanks to our friends at Impulse we take a look at what singer and songwriter Ruby Frost has in her handbag!

What’s In Your Handbag: Ruby Frost

1. Redken’s ‘Shine Brilliance’ glass serum…I change hair colours a lot, which occasionally screws my hair up and makes it dry. This helps with the damage.
2. MAC Liquid Liner… I have a terrible dependency on this! It feels weird when I don’t wear ma eyeliner now.Like Impulse on Facebook
3. MacBook Pro
4. Multiple lip sticks in pinks and peaches, and plum. I don’t wear lipstick as much as I should, but when I do I feel like I’m dominating.
5. Lipglosses – at least 5.! I don’t know where half of them came from.
6. Sunglasses! I currently have two favourite pairs on rotation: my beautiful Karen Walker Helter Skelter glasses (pictured) which were a gift, and the $10 round pair I found in St Marks, New York.
7. iPhone
8. Chewing gum


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