Beauty: Mad about Hair!

The red carpets have been ablaze with the hottest hair trends around. Thanks to Joico, here’s how you can achieve this gorgeous look from the comfort of your own home.

Naomi Watts : Romantic curls are a timeless style for both everyday wear and date nights.


·      After blow-drying hair, work a small amount of volumising mousse from roots through ends to instantly boost your locks volume and texture.

Image Via Joico
Image Via Joico

·      Add a slightly-off-center part.

·      Using a curling iron, wrap ½-inch sections around the barrel, holding for five seconds, and then unwrapping without dropping the hair from your hand. To relax the curl and develop a looser wave, gently pull each the curl down slightly as you move on to the next.

·      Tuck one side behind your ear.

·      Spray the entire hairstyle with a humidity blocker spray to guarantee a a frizz free appearance!



Chrissy Teigen

These luscious waves are sure to steal the spotlight!


  • Skip your daily hair wash and spritz your hair with dry shampoo to add texture.
  • Curl your hair with your choice of straighteners or curling iron, then allow to cool.
  • Use a texturising spray on the bristles of your brush, then brush out waves to pull each twist into a looser curl. Using your fingers, massage your hair until the ‘I just got out of bed meets the 1920s’ look is achieved.
  • Finish off with a dry finishing spray to keep things secure but flowing all night long.
Image Via Joico
Image Via Joico


What were some of your favourite red carpet looks for the awards season?






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