Excercise: Q & A

Two questions this week answered by our exercise and nutritionist guru Emily.

Find out why muscle weighs more than fat and the best way to begin adding exercise into your life.


What is the best way to begin adding exercise into someone’s life? Not much of an exerciser and find walking extremely boring. Any tips? – Kate.


When it comes to exercise, everyone is different and enjoys different things. I would first start looking into your local gym’s and see if they offer group fitness classes. There are so many different types of classes available so you are bound to find one that you like. I always find group training the most motivating with other people around and good music – plus a good looking instructor if you’re lucky! Most gyms offer a free week trial before signing, so this way you are able to try before you buy.

If a gym membership isn’t something you can afford right now, head over to YouTube or download some free fitness apps such as Nike Training Club if you have a smartphone. These are also good motivating tools and you can exercise in your own time at your own pace for FREE!

Other options are walking with a friend instead of by yourself, or try listening to podcasts or a good music selection. Don’t forget to set yourself goals too. Start by trying out a new exercise video/class or walking route each week and gradually increase the intensity or number of times you do this week to week. Signing up for a charity walk or fun run event is also a great thing to work towards and pushes you to train!


Silly question but why does muscle weigh more than fat? And how do you turn fat into muscle? – Ella


No silly questions here! Muscle happens to be more dense than fat, so by volume it weighs more. This is why if you see a kilogram of muscle next to a kilogram of fat, the amount of muscle would seem a lot smaller! Fat and muscle are two completely different types of cells so one cannot turn into one another. Fat cells can be shrinked (as can muscle) by reducing your calorie intake and/or by exercise.

Muscle is gained through exercise in combination with a healthy diet. If you are trying to gain muscle and lose fat, I would suggest eating small frequent meals that include a good source of protein and start a gym program that involves weight bearing exercise and free weights or cable weights. I would also take a good look at your current diet and aim to cut out any processed foods, sugars, and alcohol and eat as cleanly as possible!



Emily Jensen

Emily is a nutritionist (and soon to be naturopath and medical herbalist!) who is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health, wellness and happiness in all aspects of life.