Exercise: Five Fun Workout Ideas

Exercise is great for both the body and the mind. Not only does it keep you fit and strong, it can also relieve stress, boost energy levels and even help you feel more positive.

The trick about exercise is to not think about it as a chore, but as a hobby. Pick a type of sport or activity that you enjoy and it go from being difficult to fun.

Here are five fun sports to try this summer.


Relive your childhood and take up rollerblading! This is a great way to burn calories and have fun at the same time. Just don’t forget to look out for pedestrians!


The beach is the perfect place to be during a kiwi summer, so why not enjoy exercise as well as a bit of fun in the sun by playing beach volleyball? This is a great team sport and perfect for toning legs and arms.


Tone your arm muscles with a bit of indoor rock climbing. Most leisure centres around the country offer this activity, which is a great team exercise – and awesome for strength.


If you have always wanted to take up surfing, then why not add it to this summer’s to do list. Enrol in some professional lessons and learn how to catch your first wave. This sport is great for your legs and core.


Explore some of New Zealand’s tramping tracks this summer and be pleasantly surprised by how nice a stroll through the bush can be. We have so many gorgeous walks on offer – pick one and enjoy!



Sophie Barker

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