Today I’m Thankful For…

Life is a rollercoaster and not one of those thrilling ones that lasts less than two minutes at a theme park.

While highs and lows are just a part of life, we should try to take moments everyday to remind us of the things we are grateful for.

I actually have a Gratitude journal (that’s published by Kikki K) that a friend gave me that outlines ‘What I’m Grateful For’, inspiring me to write out my thoughts…these are a couple of my top points I’m grateful for.

1. New Zealand
I’ve called NZ home all my life and every so often I’m physically reminded how beautiful it is here! While flying back from a work trip to Napier the other week, it was the middle of the day, the sun was shining and I got to take in a birds eye view of Rotorua, Tauranga and all the picturesque coastlines. I’m always seeing overseas visitors (celebrities included) rave about how amazing this place is but sometimes you forget!

2. My People
As cheesy as it sounds, I adore the people around me – my family, my friends and my colleagues – I have a very supportive team around me in person and online that I appreciate. It’s so so important to surround yourself with good people, as they will reflect on you. One of my fave quotes is, “People are in your life for a season, for different reasons and to teach you a lesson”, so find the positive in all of it!

3. My Work
I am really lucky to work in a industry that I love. I worked my butt off for many years and have given up a lot of socialising and other things during the past 10 years or so, but I feel at 25 that I wouldn’t have change it at all regardless of the low’s (and high’s of course). The experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met are memories I’ll hold onto and continue to grow from. It’s non-stop hard work but to see people happy because of it, makes it truly worthwhile.

I’d love to know what you’ve grateful for (don’t just say life, expand, be creative!). I challenge YOU to sit down daily, once a week or even monthly and jot down what you’re grateful for.