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Hey team,

Hope you are having a great weekend. I am currently preparing for my role I am shooting back in NZ next week and also working on some scripts for auditions. I’m feeling very creative at the moment, which is fun and liberating.

This past week I have been a master of balance between work and play which I can honestly say I am not always so good at. I tend to be quite hard on myself and not necessarily allow much time to reflect or relax.

Hamish and I went to Disneyland – the most magical place on earth. I love Disneyland, yes because I want to be a Disney princess but also because it has a great energy about it. You have permission to be silly, get in touch with your inner child, believe in magic and dreams and feel inspired. Walt Disney was a true visionary and one of my biggest inspirations; I often quote him in my morning motivations.

One of my other highlights this week was going out in Hollywood with some close friends. We had a great dinner and went to a club that was similar to a speak easy, you enter through a hotdog store and then enter in to a very cool and hip LA club with amazing music. It was vocal night, where singers would do covers of popular dance tracks with a backing band, something I had never seen before. This was just another realisation of just how much talent there is in this city.


Katie and I are always looking for opportunities to get inspired and excited and motivated. We are addicted to feeling good and up skilling. We watched the Katy Perry movie and a documentary on Happiness and wrote a bunch of notes. I recommend watching or reading something that will help you feel optimistic and inspired if you are ever in a slump. You really can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Looking to the week ahead, I have a bunch of auditions and meetings before heading back to NZ to film a show for a week. Looking forward to a quick trip home and seeing my family and working!


Sending lots of love.

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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