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Hey team, I have been wearing a different hat this past week. Taking on my first role as Executive Producer on a successful web series.

I have been busy working with friends over the past few months pitching shows and creating content and this was an exciting next step – to be both in front and behind the camera. I can’t wait for you to see #theassignment season two. It is hilarious, insane and will have you in stitches from laughter.

Being in this role has already taught me so many great lessons and I have many great takeaways that will be able to help me in lots of areas in the industry. I have always been relatively Type A so being in control and turning ideas in to reality is super rewarding for me. I love crossing things off a ‘to-do’ list and I have been able to do that lots this week. We plan on releasing the series around July 4th.

In my attempt to do something each week towards #yearofadventure I joined a group of close friends in what was pitched to me as a one hour hike. The one-hour hike quickly turned in to a four hour rock climb ending in a cliff jump. I posted a quote a few weeks ago about finding joy in the detours in life. And this was one of those situations. I loved it so much and as much as I felt like I needed to be getting homework and assignments done I had to shut that part of my brain off and really be present. Something I am striving for a lot more of late. To be ‘in the moment’ I am in, rather than 5 steps ahead of myself.

Looking towards the rest of the week. I have a big audition on Friday that I am looking forward too.

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Kimberley xx



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