Kimberley’s Blog: Upskilling weekend

Hey team,

The key word for the weekend was #upskill – something I do lots of here in LA. Katie, Hamish and I all packed our bags and lunch boxes and headed into LA for a presenting and hosting intensive workshop.

Over the weekend we covered, news reading, weather, teleprompter, red carpet hosting, interviews, co-hosting and car chases to name a few. By the end of the weekend we had all learnt a variety of new skills and most importantly had a great time. One of my goals is to do weather or news at some point and I have definitely picked up some tricks and tips to help me in that area when the time comes.

We have been filming #theassignment and have one more week of production before we start editing! Keep watching Twitter and instragram as I am posting photos every time we shoot a scene.


To wrap up the week and launch into the next we went out for BBQ! Not quite your typical kiwi experience at all – this was next level! Bone Yard is situated on Ventura in Studio City. The centre of our table was covered in meats and BBQ sauces. Definitely will be heading along to boot camp tonight! It was well worth it, some of the nicest meat I have tasted, my favourtie were the bacon sticks. I don’t eat huge amounts of meat when I am in the US, but I’m glad I made the exception this time.


Today I had an audition, dressed in very preppy attire.


Kimberley xx



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