Kimberley’s Blog: Passion

‘Life is short. If there was ever a moment follow your passion and to do
something that matters to you, that moment is now’ 

Hi team,

This month at we are focusing on passion. What does passion mean to you?

To me, having passion is to have drive and enthusiasm for something you are doing and pursuing. I believe if you are passionate about something, then you are so invested that you put 110% in to it.

What are you passionate about?Are you pursing something with passion?

I am passionate about acting and my career in the industry and because of that I am able to enjoy the time and effort I put in to moving forward and progressing and learning each day.

This month I encourage you to find what it is you are passionate about and put time and energy in to that. Perhaps it is a skill, or a charity or movement.

Lots of love

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

Kimberley Crossman is a kiwi actress, author, and presenter. Oh and you are currently on her website reading a blog she has written.