Kimberley’s Blog: New family member

Hey Team,

It has been a great week of exciting activities.

Katie and I are now officially on the panel for the AfterBuzz TV Saturday Night Live (SNL) after show. We are both huge comedy fans and are so excited about the show. Check out last weeks episode below:

In light of #yearofadventure Katie and I drove three hours to a racetrack in the middle of the desert two days ago. The goal was to do a two up, which is basically riding on the back of a race bike around a track doing tricks. When we arrived we quickly realised that we would be doing so much more. In reality we were actually going to be driving the Porsche around the track and getting coached by Ken Hill – one of the best coaches in the business. We had a crash course in finding the best driving line, exit lines and finding the apex. I fell in love. Turns out I wasn’t too bad either. Ken was so impressed with us girls we are now going to be training with him and see if he can do anything with our ‘natural talent’ and ability to take his direction.   By the end of the day we were both flying around the track. I think I may have found myself a very expensive new hobby.

This week we also welcomed Prince Harry O’Connor in to the family. He is a red haired tarantula and he is beautiful. I am a huge animal lover. Traditionally for domestic pets and of more recent times I have found a real love and interest in other animals too. I think spending more time at Auckland Zoo last year and Habitat in Port Douglas, Australia and talking to a lot of the experts, I have become obsessed with learning more. Since we can’t have a pet here that requires us to be home all day, a tarantula seemed like the perfect solution. I can assure you he is very well looked after and loved.

Class has been lots of fun this week and I’m looking forward to some of my homework assignments. We are heading to Arizona for the Super bowl this weekend. If anyone knows anything about football please let me know ha ha.

Have a great weekend team.

Kimberley xx



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