Kimberley’s Blog: J’adore Montreal!

So after a sad start to the week with the passing of my grandmother Della and my favourtie feline friend Oscar I was a little low.

I always try and see the light when someone close to you passes. It is never a nice feeling, but you do have to look at the legacy they leave behind and help their spirit live on within you I suppose. It was hard being away from home and I have been missing NZ a lot.

Fortunately I had lots to keep my mind busy, including a trip to Canada, my first ever trip to Canada in fact. For those who don’t know Montreal is basically half French and half English speaking and most of the locals are fluent in both. I learnt some French in school so was excited to try to converse with locals and see how much I could remember.

The city is a wonderful mix of hipster artsy cool and traditional suburbia. We were quick to explore, touring a new arts centre called PHI and hanging out at the Just for Laughs HQ. As a huge comedy fan, being in what could be considered the hub of comedy I felt very inspired and excited, sponging as much information as I could.

The three days in Montreal were spent eating a variety of buttery treats, great rich food, phenomenal wines and lots of family time in a city that really nurtures creativity and self-expression. Needless to say I had fallen in love with Montreal.

Next stop is Ottawa – I will let you know how it goes before heading back to LA later in the week.

Sending love to all.

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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